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The Eschenbach visolux DIGITAL HD is a hybrid of a 7" digital hand-held reader and desktop video magnifier.


Rather than duplicating what is already available in an overcrowded market, Eschenbach has combined new technology and intuitive design to create what is a unique, feature rich digital magnifier for the low vision market.

Features such as the visolux's DLS (Dynamic Line Scroll) which allows the user to scroll horizontally across the text being viewed without the need to move the magnifier makes the visolux DIGITAL HD a truly unique product.

Visolux Eschenbach Digital HD

SKU: 16521
£650.00 Regular Price
£550.00Sale Price
Excluding VAT
  • Specifications

    Non-reflective 7" LCD screen
    HD Camera for maximum definition and contrast
    Magnification: 2x - 22x, significantly greater on TV screen
    (e.g. up to 125x on 40" screen)
    DLS (Dynamic Line Scrolling)
    Optional reading line
    Up to 14 colour combinations
    Automatic shut off
    Connections: HDMI | USB
    Incl. 4GB SD card, HDMI and USB cable
    Incl. case and battery charger with international adapters

  • Video

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