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Daylight Health & Beauty Lamps & Magnifying Lamps

Daylight lighting - replicating the brilliance of natural daylight, to ensure the best light to see every word, detail, and colour, at any time of day or night

Why choose Daylight lamps and magnifying lamps


                               Low energy efficient                                                            High Lux light output

                  CRI 95+ for accurate colours                                       Dimmable light features on some models

                 Two year warranty                                                         Rechargeable models available

Return for full refund if not suitable                                Exceptional quality and reliability 

Incredible light and incredible results
For over 15 years Daylight have been at the forefront of developing lighting solutions for beauticians, podiatrists, healthcare professionals, salons and training schools.

Whether you are involved in podiatry, microblading, eyelashes, makeup, nails or tattooing, our specialised beauty and magnifying lamps will bring major practical benefits to your work; making your life that much simpler.


When light matters - Today’s health and beauty professionals are constantly under time pressure and have to work long hours. Daylight's beauty magnifying lamps allow you to see and work with much greater clarity and for longer hours without getting tired.

The range of lamps and magnifiers have been specifically designed for the needs of health and beauty professionals so you can see every hair, shade or lash with clarity and comfort and in perfect daylight.

The Challenge - In the Health & Beauty industry, style is paramount. Daylight prides itself in creating lamps and magnifiers that enhance any salon or professional environment. They combine product design with the latest technology and ergonomics to create lamps that allow you to position light exactly where it is needed, without it being intrusive. Daylight know professionals in this market use their beauty lamps and magnifying lamps intensively and all day, and they have been built to last.

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Daylight products 

Designed & engineered

in the UK

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Two years warranty on all Daylight products and a full refund if not satisfied


Free UK mainland delivery on all orders placed on the website

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