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Magnifiers, Lamps & Magnifying Lamps

Daylight lighting - replicating the brilliance of natural daylight, to ensure the best light to see every word, detail, and colour, at any time of day or night

Why choose Daylight lamps and magnifying lamps


                               Low energy efficient                                                            High Lux light output

                  CRI 95+ for accurate colours                                       Dimmable light features on some models

                 Two year warranty                                                         Rechargeable models available

Return for full refund if not suitable                                Exceptional quality and reliability 

Bringing you comfort and clarity
Whether you are working from home or diving into your favourite novel, Daylight's reading and office lamps are exceptionally designed to meet your needs. For over 35 years, Daylight have been at the forefront of innovating products that are highly functional and provide a range of features so that you can go from working to reading to relaxing at the touch of a switch.


When light matters - While having a calm and productive atmosphere is important, clarity, contrast and ergonomics are indispensable when reading or writing to enable you to see comfortably.

The Challenge - Reading or working in dim or inadequate lighting can cause sore eyes, headaches and even losing the ability to enjoy your book. Having a Daylight lamp in your home or office will help you focus on the task at hand and protect your eyes.

The first step on your creative journey
Whether you’re a proficient sewer or quilter or just enjoy doing regular crafts, quality lighting is key to producing your best work and protecting your eyes.

Many of us love to relax with our projects in the evenings, but we understand that poor lighting can make it difficult to sew accurately and colour match correctly. Since the 1980s, Daylight have enjoyed designing exceptional craft lamps and magnifying lamps that provide high quality light, enhancing the creative lives of so many craftspeople.

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Daylight products 

Designed & engineered

in the UK

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Two years warranty on all Daylight products and a full refund if not satisfied


Free UK mainland delivery on all orders placed on the website

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