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Make your mark in the world with our orange-coloured liquid plastic that sets hard, allowing you to create tactile marks in any shape required.

The fine-pointed nozzle makes this great for marking the settings on appliances, such as your washing machine or thermostat; it can also be used on clothing, paper, metal and hard plastics. It's also great for adapting games and as a teaching aid for writing letters, numbers, drawing tactile pictures, graphs or for outlining maps.

Liquid plastic which sets hard to create tactile marks.Use on clothing, paper, metal and hard plastics.Touch dry in a few hours; fully dry in 24 hours.Colour: orange.


Does not stick to flexible plastic.It takes 24 hours to fully dry; once hardened, it cannot easily be removed.Do not use on induction ovens, due to the residual heat.


SKU: DL-Tacti
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