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Schweizer Ergo Mobil (11 magnifcation strengths to choose from)


1.5x magnification (6 Diopter) 100mm diameter lens  Product code: 164062

2.0x magnification (8 Diopter) 85mm   diameter lens  Product code: 164092

2.5x magnification (10 Diopter) 75mm x 50mm rectangle lens Product code: 164112

3.0x magnification (12 Diopter) 70mm diameter lens Product code: 164122

4.0x magnification (16 Diopter) 60mm diameter lens Product code: 164162

5.0x magnification (20 Diopter) 55mm diameter lens Product code: 164202

6.0x magnification (24 Diopter) 52mm diameter lens Product code: 164242

7.0x magnification (28 Diopter) 35mm diameter lens Product code: 164282

10.0x magnification (39 Diopter) 35mm diameter lens Product code: 164392

12.0x magnification (48 Diopter) 35mm diameter lens Product code: 164482

14.0x magnification (56 Diopter) 35mm diameter lens Product code: 164562


  • 2 brightness levels for optimised lighting even in low-lit conditions
  • Ergonomic handle fits comfortably in the hand for relaxed reading
  • Large field of view provides edge-to-edge distortion-free images
  • Low power consumption ensures prolonged use with just one set of batteries
  • Easy battery change thanks to simple closing mechanism in the handle


At home or on the go, for hobbies, leisure and at work: SCHWEIZER magnification and visual devices for multiple applications improve the quality of everyday life. As a premium brand that combines experience, expertise as well as innovation, SCHWEIZER produces its low vision solutions exclusively in Germany.


The battery-operated LED illuminated ERGO-Lux MP mobil magnifier is lightweight, handy and portable for use in many situations. This innovative product range sets standards in terms of form, function and quality


SCHWEIZER ERGO-Lux MP mobil LED illuminated magnifiers are available in a wide range of magnification powers and in various rectangular and round lens sizes.

All lenses are aspheric lightweight lenses to ensure superior image sharpness combined with low weight.

Schweizer Ergo Mobil

SKU: 164062
PriceFrom £34.96
Excluding VAT

Buy Egro Mobil & get a base for £5

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