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Please note Peli Lenses are only available for trade customers. Please contact our offices by phone or email to order.
Edward Marcus Ltd is Chadwick Opticials sole UK supplier of Peli lenses. 

For full description please visit the Chadwick Opticial website address at


Peli Lens training prisms give your patients the opportunity to test out peripheral prisms before moving on to full-power prisms.

These refill kits contain the same press-on prisms as our temporary prism kits but are sized to fit in the PEK (Peli Evaluation Kit). They’re also a great option if you’re looking for training prisms with more compact packaging.

Included with each kit is:

  • A pair of Horizontal or Oblique press-on peripheral prisms
  • An occluder
  • A fitting template
  • A patient card with information and lens tracing

Need Peli Lens fitting instructions, patient guides, or other information? Visit

Peli Lens Training Prism Refill Kit

PriceFrom £50.05
Excluding VAT
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