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Chadwick Optical created the PEK (Peli Evaluation Kit) as an all-in-one solution for you to quickly demonstrate the Peli Lens to your patients and determine if they can benefit from it.

We’ve been working with doctors and therapists for over 20 years to help patients with homonymous hemianopia regain as much visual field as possible (while improving their quality of life).

The Peli Lens has been proven time and again to be the best solution for helping homonymous hemianopia patients expand their peripheral vision. But, we discovered that demonstrating the Peli Lens in-office can be cumbersome.

Why? Because the Peli Lens comes in two lens types (horizontal or oblique) and patients are afflicted in either their left or right eye. Up until now, this has required  keeping multiple pairs of glasses or fitovers on hand to use in the demonstrating process.

The other option has been to attach training prisms to the patient’s glasses to try them out. The drawback of this approach is that patients do not get the benefit of switching between their normal corrected vision and training prisms multiple times. Once training prisms are attached to the patient’s glasses, that’s it. And, training prisms are about 50% weaker than the permanent Peli Lens.

Enter the PEK.

Our PEK is a compact way for your patients to quickly and easily take the Peli Lens for a test run. In addition to being super easy to use, the PEK lets you demonstrate the full-powered Peli Lens in a removable format over either eye.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Oblique Lens suited for patients who need field expansion for driving or mobility
  • Horizontal Lens suited for patients who want improved mobility
  • Fitover frame: using 3 magnets embedded into each side of the fitover frame, you can attach either lens to test oblique and horizontal prisms on the right or left eye without requiring your patients to take off their glasses (it also works for patients who don’t wear prescription glasses)
  • Training Prisms Kit: our training prism kit lets you practice fitting and training patients for a 4-to-6 week trial

If you're ready to help your homonymous hemianopia patients benefit from expanded visual field, order your PEK today!

Peli Evaluation Kit PEK

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