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・Magnification: 10x ・Lens Size: Diameter 0.9 inches (23 mm) ・Lens Effective Diameter: 0.8 inches (20 mm) ・Product Size: Width 1.0 x Length 1.6 x Thickness 0.7 inches (26 x 4 ・Weight: 0.5 oz (14 g) ・Lens Type: Aberration (Precision Aberration 2 pieces) ・Case Material: ABS resin ・Lens Material: PXM optical resin ・Country of Origin: Germany This precision loupe is suitable for testing using optical resin from Eschenbach's proprietary PXM, which has all the clarity, purity, hardness, and resolution required for lenses. The case is designed to provide a strong and airtight seal to keep your lens protected. This is a highly cost-effective model such as lenses combined with two single-sided convex lenses to minimize distortion.

Boxed: New


Inspection Loupe Folding Magnifier 10x

SKU: 110910
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