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Makrolux is the new segment bright field magnifier from ESCHENBACH with integrated LED light for easy line guidance and perfect illumination - regardless of the ambient light conditions.

Ideal for those twilight hours of the early evening, when the ambient light conditions are no longer adequate, yet it's not quite time to switch on the electric lights.  Particularly suitable when you wish to maintain a relaxed and peaceful ambience, as it allows you to read without switching on an additional light source.

The modern SMD-LED provides optimum and consistent edge-to-edge illumination.  The forward angled lens makes reading even easier and encourages a comfortable reading posture.  The width of the reading segment accommodates the full column width of many newspapers and this ensures easy line guidance. Makes reading a real pleasure as orientation within the text is so much easier.

Eschenbach Makrolux

SKU: 14361
Excluding VAT
  • Features

    • "Tremble-free" image as the makrolux is placed directly on the reading material
    • The modern SMD-LED provides perfect illumination even in poor ambient light conditions
    • Excellent line guidance and orientation
    • Segment accommodates a full newspaper column
    • Supplied in a microfibre pouch which can also be used to clean the magnifier
  • Technical Specs

    • Magnification: 2.2x (Prod. 14361) or 3.6x (Prod.14362)
    • Lightweight - manufactured from lightweight PXM® material
    • Size: 90 x 35 x 70 mm
    • Modern SMD-LED
    • 3 x miniature batteries, 1.5 V, type AA, included in delivery
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