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The Doro MemoryPlus 319i phone is an award-winning landline telephone that has many features that make it a very effective dementia phone.

The cover that is supplied with the MemoryPlus Dementia Phone hides all buttons except the 4 photo-buttons & the volume control. This is a unique & key feature of this dementia phone as it helps reduce confusion for people with impaired memory.

The MemoryPlus Dementia Phone also has 4 customisable photo-buttons that can be programmed to allow one-touch dialling to up to 4 numbers. This allows a sufferer of Alzheimer's & Dementia to contact a carer or loved one without having to remember any numbers or even names.

The MemoryPlus 319i ph also comes with many features for people with reduced dexterity or hearing:

Ergonomic Features

Easy-clean surfaces

Easy grip handset

Light 220g handset

Large concave easy-to-press buttons

High contrast buttons

Calling Features

Redial memory: 1

Ringer off setting: Yes

Hard-Of-Hearing Features

Hearing Aid Compatible

Maximum ringer volume: 91dB

Handset volume amplified by up to 35dB

Slider volume control

Tone control

Visual ring indicator

Doro Memory Plus 319i ph

SKU: 319i ph
£49.99 Regular Price
£25.00Sale Price
Excluding VAT
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