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Coil ATMax magnifiers - when you pick up the light comes on, once you place it back down the light goes off. Perfect for those that struggle with an on/off switch.

Available in 5 magnification choices -


Code 8273: 3x magnification  / 9 Dioptre  83mm x 59mm Bi-aspheric Lens

Code 8275: 5x magnification / 16 Dioptre 60mm Aspheric Lens

Code 8277: 7x magnification / 24 Dioptre 58mm Aspheric Lens

Code 8299: 9x magnification / 32 Dioptre 40mm Aspheric Lens

Code 8211: 11x magnification / 40 Dioptre 40mm Aspheric Lens


Coil ATMax magnifiers have a large field of view                          

The latest LED technology combined with Coil quality lenses.

Touch control on/off, ergonomic styling and lightweight.

Soft cloth pouch.

Requires 2xAA batteries (not supplied) Please note the direction of the batteries when replacing.


Coil ATMax LED Magnifiers

Excluding VAT
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