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COIL is recognised as a world leader in precision low vision products.

As part of the Carclo group of companies, we have over eighty years experience serving the ophthalmic and industrial optics markets. Throughout this period COIL has researched, developed and manufactured low vision aid magnifiers and created one of the most comprehensive product ranges available.


At COIL we believe that good design is founded on a total understanding of function.


COIL was originally situated on the Slough Trading Estate, which at the time was one of the largest and most vibrant industrial sites within Europe. We now have offices in Buckingham (UK), Latrobe (USA) and Shanghai (China). 


Combined Optical Industries Ltd. was founded in 1936 by Arthur Kingston and was regarded as the leader in plastic optics. The company pioneered techniques in the precision moulding of plastic optics using injection and compression moulding. As more and more low-vision products were introduced, the brand name 'COIL' started to become recognised throughout the world.

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