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The Coil stand magnifier are the perfect option for hands free viewing for reading, hobbies or inspection work.


The Bi-Aspheric acrylic lens gives a sharp distortion-free image and offers excellent clarity and strength.


The Viewing Distance is pre-set for the optimum image quality. 

The 3x and 4x strengths allow the lens to tilt left or right to optimise viewing.


The strengths and diameter of lens sizes can be seen below.

Coil Stand Magnifiers

PriceFrom £18.99
Excluding VAT
  • Suitable for


    Craft & Hobby work


  • Features

    Compact desktop stand magnifier
    Large, high quality bi-aspheric lens
    Lens material: tough, polymethyl methacrylate

    Choice of 3x / 4x / 6x / 8x / 10x / 12x / 15x  magnification

    Durable construction for professional and hobby use


  • Specifications

    Strength of magnification and lens diameter in mm


    Code: 5213  3x magnification  81mm diameter lens

    Code: 5214  4x magnification  80mm diameter lens

    Code: 4206 6x magnification 50mm diameter lens

    Code: 4208 8x magnification 40mm diameter lens

    Code: 4210 10x magnification 36mm diameter lens

    Code: 4212 12x magnification 34mm diameter lens

    Code: 4215 15x magnification 29mm diameter lens

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