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Your life is not centred around one desk, so why is your magnifier?
The Eschenbach Visolux XL electronic magnifier is the ideal device for work, school and home.

This portable DIGITAL magnifier features a 12” touch screen, Dynamic line scrolling and HDMI connectivity.

Changing between the 2x and 22x magnification couldn’t be simpler. The user has the choice of using the 12” touch screen or the ‘easy to feel’ buttons located on the front of the device.

Its FHD camera captures a wider field of view than is displayed, enabling the user to scroll across a line of text without moving the magnifier.
HDMI & USB connectivity allows the user to connect the unit to either a PC or TV screen allowing for a far more pleasant reading experience.  

With the addition of a camcorder distance viewing is made possible.
​The visoLUX XL is feature rich but simple in design making it a hugely popular magnifier among the many people that require assistance with their vision.

Visolux Digital XL FHD

SKU: 16551
£850.00 Regular Price
£795.00Sale Price
Excluding VAT
  • Specifications

    High-contrast and true-to-detail, high resolution digital camera with a specially calculated lens
    Generous depth of field for variable viewing distances
    High magnification range from 2 x to 22 x (magnification on a 40-inch TV, for instance, approx. 12 x to 125 x)
    Non-reflective active matrix TFT LCD screen
    16:9 widescreen format
    14 contrast-enhanced false colour modes can be selected
    Dynamic Line Scrolling (DLS)
    LED Illumination adjustable on/off and in three brightness levels
    Powerful automatic exposure to compensate for ambient light
    Optical orientation aid with reading line that can be activated
    Clearly arranged, easy to sense direct keys
    Graphical menu for advanced functions
    Stand with ergonomic tilt angle
    Camera mounted centrally under housing and positioning aid perceptible on housing
    Photo function with storage facility on inserted SD card (defeatable)
    USB type-C port for image feed to the computer (PC and Mac)
    HDMI port for simultaneous display of the live image on an external display (TV, monitor or projector)
    Long operating time, short charging time
    The proven concept of visolux DIGITAL now also in the 12-inch category
    Almost 30 cm screen diagonal but weighing only one kilo
    Operation via direct keys or the touchscreen (defeatable)
    Dynamic Line Scrolling enables vertical movement of the reading area
    Easily understood speech output of all menu steps (defeatable)
    Additional HDMI input for connecting an external camera with live image feed
    Practical charging via the USB type-C port
    Lithium-polymer battery for up to 2.5 hours of operation
    2 Year Warranty
    Supplied with an adapter for EU, GB, US and AUS
    Delivery includes HDMI cable, USB type-C cable, 8 GB SD card, lanyard, microfibre cloth and hard foam case

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