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Push button talking clock for blind or elderly

This simple talking clock, with a unique wall-mount option, tells you the time at just the push of a button. It's a really useful gadget to help blind, visually-impaired and older people, and anyone with memory loss, to help keep track of the time. Handsome, lightweight design, with a giant white button atop a contrasting rose-coloured base, so you can easily see it in any home setting. Simply push the button and a clear, male voice tells you the time or day of the week.

Volume control and alarm

Bright blue side buttons control volume, so that anyone hard of hearing can adjust the sound to suit. If you need to be up at a certain time, or don't want to oversleep, just set the built-in alarm to the time you need. Set-up instructions included. Requires three AAA batteries (not supplied).

Unique, optional wall mount included

Compact design sits low and flat on most surfaces, making it hard to knock over. If you prefer to secure it in a fixed position, our talking clock comes with a bracket so you can mount it on the wall. Keep one beside the bed, on a kitchen wall, or in a hallway, and always know exactly where it is to get the time. Ideal for those of an infirm disposition, who may otherwise occasionally knock it out of reach, or even onto the floor.

Talking clock for blind, visually-impaired, elderly and infirm

…or anyone who just likes an unusual time-telling gadget close to hand

Simple one-touch operation - press large push button, and a voice will tell you the time

Gives you time, date, week and alarm time

Volume control to adjust sound up or down

High-visibility bright rose base with big white push button

Takes 3 AAA batteries (not included)

Can be placed on a flat surface or mounted on the wall

Wall mount bracket included - screws onto wall

User instructions supplied

Talking Clock & Wall mount

£24.95 Regular Price
£18.71Sale Price
Excluding VAT
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