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Available for only £5 when bought with a Schweizer Ergo Illuminated Magnifier (normal price £15 if bought separately)


The Ergo Base is designed to fit your Ergo Hand Magnfier. Each Base is specific to the strength of your magnifier giving you the best focal image.


The Ergo Base means you can use your hand magnifier as a Stand Magnifier but also enables you to get objects under the magnifier whilst being “hands-free”. 

This means writing a signature or cutting your nails is possible.


Schweizer Ergo Base

SKU: 160062
Excluding VAT

Buy Egro Mobil & get a base for £5

  • Specifications

    Please ensure correct base is chosen to match the magnifier you have

    Base Ergo mobil 6D Ø 100 mm 160062 
    Base Ergo mobil 8D 100 x 75 mm mm 160082
    Base Ergo mobil 8D Ø 85 mm 160092 
    Base Ergo mobil 10D 75 x 50 mm 160102 
    Base Ergo mobil 12D Ø 35 & 70 mm 160122 
    Base Ergo mobil 16D Ø 35 & 70 mm 160162 
    Base Ergo mobil 20D Ø 55 mm 160202 
    Base Ergo mobil 24D Ø 55 mm 160242 
    Base Ergo mobil 28D Ø 35 mm (no upright position) 160282 
    Base Ergo mobil 39D Ø 35 mm (no upright position) 160392 
    Base Ergo mobil 48D Ø 35 mm (no upright position) 160482 
    Base Ergo mobil 56D Ø 35 mm (no upright position)  160562

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