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This easy-to-use, handheld magnifier has a 7-inch widescreen and a 5-hour battery life. Its high definition camera and screen work together to deliver a detailed image with crisp, clear text. When reading at a desk the screen can be angled towards you at the touch of a button so you can read in a more ergonomic position than with a standard glass magnifier.

You can also use it as a handheld magnifier to check prices in the supermarket, bus timetables and other signs and information when you're out and about.

This magnifier has multiple display modes. Full colour mode is best suited to looking at photographs and images. High contrast mode removes shading to present text in two contrasting colours to make it easier to read. View pure black text on a white background or white text on a black background as well as a choice of 16 other colour combinations. Once you have chosen your favourite combination you can save it and then hide unwanted combinations. Large menu icons provide easy access to all features and settings. Image capture facility enables you to freeze the image at arms length then bring the screen closer so you look in more detail.

Optelec Compact 7 HD (Ex-Demo Excellent condition)

SKU: Compact7HD
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    Seven-inch, full colour TFT widescreen. Large magnification range from two to 24 times, enables text of almost any size to be read comfortably. LED lights illuminate the page to provide a consistent image in all ambient light conditions.Rechargeable battery provides up to four hours' continuous use. Supplied with leatherette case, screen cloth and wrist strap.

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