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Liquid Level Indicator with Audible Alarm and Sensor Vibration

Kitchen safety gadget prevents burns and spills


Prevent scalding and spillage with our super little Liquid Level Indicator, which features two height adjustable sensor prongs to warn you when any hot or cold liquid you are pouring is about to reach the top. Listen out for an alarm beep, or sensor vibration, which tells you your cup is nearly full.


Enables people with sight loss to prepare hot or cold drinks safely


It's a great safety gadget for blind, partially-sighted and hearing-impaired people, as well as elderly relatives, whose fading eyesight may require them to take greater care when making a cup of tea or filling saucepans. With sensor prongs made from food-grade, easy-clean stainless steel, you can also be assured that hygiene is another important factor that's been taken into consideration.


Two-stage audible and vibrating alarm


To use just put it on the rim of a cup, glass or pan and when the liquid reaches a certain level it will start vibrating and emit a loud beep. Add milk or carry on pouring and a moment later you will hear a second more prolonged sound and vibration to let you know it's time to stop.


Built-in fridge magnet


It even has a built-in magnet so in between use you can attach it to a fridge or other magnetic surface to ensure it's always on hand when you need it. Measuring just 55 x 30 x25mm and finished in beautiful bright orange, this really is a must-see item in any kitchen. Easy to use - battery and instructions supplied.

Liquid Level Indicator

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  • Information

    • Ideal safety gadget for blind, partially-sighted, elderly and disabled
    • Use to prevent spillage when filling cups, mugs, glasses and pans
    • Works with hot and cold drinks
    • Emits loud warning sound and vibration when liquid reaches first sensor probe
    • Second longer warning and vibration when liquid reaches second probe
    • Sound level 93.8db (at 3 cm) will be audible to many hearing-impaired people too
    • Magnetic - attach one to the fridge or other magnetic surface
    • Food-grade stainless steel sensors for better hygiene
    • Bright gloss orange finish makes it stand out amongst other kitchen items
    • Water-resistant rubber seal battery cover
    • Protective box and full instructions supplied
    • Takes one CR2032 battery (included)
    • For hygiene reasons this item cannot be returned unless faulty
    • Product video at:
    • Protective box and full instructions supplied
    • Size: 55 x 30 x25mm
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