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Eschenbach Mobilent magnifier, available in 4x  7x and 10x magnification 

35mm lens with a hard folding plastic case


  • The ideal magnifier for handbag and trouser pocket or for wearing around the neck.
  • Ideal for magnifying small print discreetly.
  • High magnification folding magnifiers.
  • Aspheric PXM® lightweight lens for a distortion-free image with edge-to-edge sharpness.
  • The plastic case encloses the lens and is dust-tight.
  • With round-the-neck cord.

Eschenbach Mobilent Magnifiers

SKU: 1710
PriceFrom £20.67
Excluding VAT
  • Technical information

    Mobilent 4x  16 dioptre  35mm lens  Product code: 171094, working distance 44mm, distance eye-lens 150mm

    Mobilent 7x  28 dioptre  35mm lens  Product code: 171097, working distance 29mm, distance eye-lens 60mm

    Mobilent 10x  38 dioptre  35mm lens  Product code: 1710910, working distance 20mm, distance eye-lens 40mm

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