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Product Properties

A handheld monocular, stand microscope and stand magnifier.

Keplerian roof prism system, multi-coated.

High level of light transmission and image brightness.

Achromatic lens made of high quality silicate.

Eyepiece cup can be inverted for protection.

Dustproof, light metal housing.

Magnification with mounted stand magnifier: 24 x.

Magnification stand magnifier alone: 3 x.

Supplied with carrying cord and case.

Eschenbach handheld monocular, stand microscope and stand magnifier

SKU: 1674832
Excluding VAT
  • Technical data

    Application telescopes

    Working distance70 cm – ∞

    Optical Properties

    Magnification distance8 x

    Visual field distance /1000 m140 m

    Viewing angle distance/far8 °

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