This slim, flexible floor lamp has a modern design and sleek finish.

It has one strong and independent adjustable light tube in LED allowing high light output over a very wide are or an intense light over a small area.


Ideally suited for all hobbies, art, beauty salons, as well as reading.

Use the highest setting for work and tasks and the lowest to set a comfortable mood in your family room or bedroom.


  • Flexible arm directs light exactly where you need it
  • Floor standing
  • 28 high quality bright daylight LEDs provide accurate colour matching
  • Touch switch dimmer with 4 brightness levels
  • Lamp brightness: 1,145 Lux at 30cm (12”)
  • Cable length: 1.5m (59.1")
  • Energy consumption: 6.0 Watt

Daylight Uno Floor Lamp

SKU: DN1430