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With its sleek black satin design, Electra Table seamlessly fits into your space while offering customizable lighting options.


Switch between Daylight, cool and warm light effortlessly to suit your needs, ensuring focused illumination for work or leisure.


Experience effortless control over your lighting environment with Electra Table's intuitive touch controls, elevating your workspace or relaxation area with premium daylight quality, optimizing your productivity and comfort.


2 year warranty on all Daylight products

Daylight Electra Table Lamp

SKU: D35221
Excluding VAT
  • Suitable for

    Health & Beauty

    Tattoo Artists

    DIY projects
    Everyday tasks

  • Features

    • Sleek design with elegant touch
    • 3 Flexible joints for effortless, adjustable, accurate positioning
    and smooth movement
    • Move between Daylight (6000K), cool light (4000K) and warm light
    (2700K) at the push of the switch to choose the colour temperature
    that you prefer
    • Easily adjust the bright and wide spread of light using the tactile
    continuous dimmer switch
    • Daylight 95+ CRI LEDs reduce eyestrain and perfect for maximum
    contrast and colour matching

  • Specifications

    Light source LED
    Lumens 800
    Lux at 30cm 2,500
    Colour temperature 6,000K / 4,000K / 2,700K
    CRI 95+
    Energy consumption 13W

    Weight 1.09kg
    Colour Black
    Cable length 2.2m

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