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Lay magnifier flat on page to scroll text


An A4-width semi-cylindrical clear magnifying bar, which gathers light from all directions and doubles the height of text and small print. Sits directly on the page so the user can just scroll it down with one finger to magnify text, lines, numbers and columns. Especially helpful for anyone who needs to keep their position on the page when following numbers on a spreadsheet, dictating a presentation or following a recipe.


Magnifying ruler


Made from durable acrylic. Also features a chunky finger grip at one end to assist with alignment and an imperial/metric 8"/200mm rule along the edge. Flat edge allows for neat underlining of text and notes, thereby making this magnifier a useful office, work or study aid.

Bar Magnifier / Ruler

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  • Information

    • Two-in-one ruler/magnifier reading aid
    • Longer bar magnifier covers the full width of an A4 page
    • Doubles the height of text (2x magnification)
    • Place magnifier on page and scroll up or down to read text
    • Widely used in schools to encourage reluctant readers to engage with text
    • Helps children and adults to concentrate and focus on words and letters
    • Sits directly on page so those with poor concentration never lose their place
    • Measures 8"/200mm
    • Features an 8-inch imperial and 20cm metric rule
    • Made from optical quality acrylic
    • Highlights text and helps reader keep place on page
    • Durable and scratch-resistant
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