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Thread Hand needles with ease

Suits Larger needles (Tapestry / Chenile etc)

Suits Snaller needles (Quilting Embroidery etc)

colours may vary


So many people complain that they have trouble threading needles and it is a problem I share.

The Infila Automatic Needle Threader is a gem of a product that makes the task of needle threading an absolute breeze. If you do have problems threading a needle, even if you don’t this product is a real must have.

You can use the little desk top machine to thread many different threads through the smallest eye with all the creative possibilities that can bring.

The IANT (Infila Automatic Needle Threader) is very, very easy to use. There are two ‘funnels’ (one for an ordinary needle and one for a large one) in which you place the needle, eye down. Next you lay the thread in a gulley next to the funnel and push a button. Believe it or not, the thread pops through the needle eye in a twinkle of your own eye! - pure magic. If you want to thread multiple threads, you can do this one at a time, or all together it really doesn’t matter. It will take you no time at all to thread a needle with the INFILA, save your time, save your frustration, this product is a winner! (You might guess that we think it’s the best thing since sliced bread and you know, you’ll be right!

Automatic needle threader by Infila

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