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A game of skill and chance for two to 10 players using easy-to-see cards embossed with braille.

The winner is the first player to score 500 points by eliminating their hand of cards before their opponents.

Each easy-to-see card is embossed with contracted braille in the top left and bottom right corners.

  • Printed characters are approximately 3cm (1.2 inches) high.
  • Pack contains 108 cards.
  • Suitable for ages seven and upwards.


  • The number is intentionally on the next row - this is because the number sign is not used.
  • The X after the numbers is there so a sighted opponent cannot figure out from the back of your cards if you are holding a number card or a "draw 4" card which has three letters.

Uno braille card game

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£9.63Sale Price
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