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A good bathroom scale can be a helpful addition to any health regime – whatever you want to achieve. This battery-operated talking bathroom scale has a large LCD display, adjustable volume controls and a metric/imperial conversion button. It announces your weight in a natural English voice and weighs in either metric (kilograms/grams) or imperial (pounds/ounces).


  • Large LCD displays weight in 3.5cm high digits (1.3 inches).
  • LCD display: black digits on a grey background.
  • Language selection: English, French, German or Spanish.
  • Adjustable volume: Low, high or silent.
  • Auto-on and auto-off functions.
  • Metric and imperial conversion button: kilogrammes, stone/pounds, pounds.
  • Size: 26.8 × 28.8 × 2.5cm (10.5 × 11.3 × 0.9 inches).


  • Scales must be used on flat hard flooring, not carpet. Weighing on a soft or inclined surface disturbs the measurement.
  • Maximum capacity: 160kg (25 stone or 352lbs).
  • Initialising (zeroing of the weight) must be performed after each movement of the product and after replacement of batteries.
  • It is necessary to wait 10 seconds with the device switched off before performing a new weighing.
  • This product is safe to use with a cardiac pacemaker.


  • Low battery indicator.
  • Requires three AAA batteries (included).

Talking Bathroom Scale

SKU: DH469
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    This model is in excellent condition- like new

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