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This lamp is perfect for any home, office, studio or workspace. It’s a great portable lamp and is ideal for anyone that likes to sew, craft , paint models, work at a laptop, read or do beauty treatments.


A spring clamp is supplied with this lightweight lamp, which allows the user to clamp it to the edge of a desk or other flat surface.


The goose neck on this lamp is flexible, you can position the lamp exactly where you need the light.

Angle the light to where ever you are working, it works so well with sewing machines as you can flood your sewing area with so much bright Daylight.


The Native Slim Lamp flex is available in Black and white. It is powered by USB, this makes it a very portable lamp as it can be powered from a battery pack, laptop or a plug adapter.


Slim Lamp Flex (black)

SKU: N3123
£49.99 Regular Price
£15.00Sale Price
Excluding VAT
  • Key Features

    • The flexible gooseneck neck and head provide a modern and sleek look to any area
    • The flexible gooseneck can be bent in multiple directions at once, ensuring light can be positioned exactly where needed.
    • The powerful LEDs from the long  head ensure there is a wide spread of light.
    • Powered by USB, making this lamp extremely portable.
    • 3 brightness settings
  • Technical information

    • Colour temperature: 5,500K (equivalent to natural daylight)
    • Overall length: 90cm (31.5 inches)
    • Lamp head length: 22cm (13.5 inches)
    • Clamp depth: 5.5cm (2.25 inches)
    • Colour: Black
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