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The RUBY HD combines high-definition camera technology with a lightweight body to bring you crystal-clear images in a small package. The 4.3-inch widescreen and built-in LED lighting provide magnified high-contrast images (from 2 to 13 times) without any distortion. Its streamlined design means it can slip comfortably into a pocket or purse, giving you easy access to photos, prescription labels, and much more.


The RUBY HD is easy to use and has advanced features that can make you even more independent.


Change text and background colours to suit your reading needs. The Slide Show mode lets you review all your pictures hands-free. Use the Reading Line and Masks to keep your place. Use the snapshot feature to freeze any image to examine it in more detail, or save it in RUBY HD’s large storage area. You can even transfer images to your computer with the USB port.


The RUBY HD includes rechargeable batteries so you can always be ready to see and read what you need. The foldable handle lets you use RUBY like a traditional magnifying glass.


Fold the handle to lay RUBY HD flat on the reading surface for a more stable image.

Ruby HD Handheld Video Magnifier

Excluding VAT
  • Specifications

    Read more easily:

    Tactile, multi-colour buttons for easy adjustment
    Continuous zoom: 2x to 13x magnification
    4.3-inch widescreen   


    Read more comfortably:

    Easy flip-out handle
    Optional reading stand for more fluent reading


    Read more fluently:

    High Definition camera for fluent reading without any blur
    20 high-contrast colour combinations so you can adjust the text to be easy on your eyes (see below for the full list)
    Adjustable Reading Line and Masks to keep your place


    Goes anywhere:

    Approximately 2 hours continuous use when fully charged
    Convenient size / weight:
    228 grams (8 ounces)
    12.4 x 7.4 x 3.6 cm (4.9 x 2.9 x 1.4 inches)

    Capture images:

    Snapshot with adjustable magnification
    Slide Show mode for hands-free review
    Archive up to 80 images and share with your computer via USB


    Items Included:

    Charger and one set of AAA rechargeable batteries
    Wrist strap and case
    USB cable for PC-connectivity


    4x AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries included: approximately 2 hour charge time
    Also works with AAA consumable rechargeable batteries


    Standard Colour / Semi-Colour Modes for easier reading:
    There are five factory default colour modes and 15 additional semi-colour modes that can be activated. Select the colour mode that best suit your visual needs, for example, yellow text against a black background:

    Full colour (natural image for viewing photographs)
    White text on Black background / Black on White
    Yellow on Black
    Yellow on Blue


    Configurable Semi-Colour Modes:

    Blue on Yellow
    White on Blue
    Red on White
    Black on Yellow
    Black on Light Blue
    Black on Blue / Blue on Black
    Black on Green / Green on Black
    Black on Red / Red on Black
    Black on Violet / Violet on Black
    Black on Amber / Amber on Black


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