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Please note Peli Lenses are only available for trade customers. Please contact our offices by phone or email to order.
Edward Marcus Ltd is Chadwick Opticials sole UK supplier of Peli lenses. 

For full description please visit the Chadwick Opticial website address at


Revolutionary device for patients with Hemianopsia.  The stick and clip-on are great for in-office screening.  Peli press-on prisms are available in (4 pair bulk pack or 1 pair pack) as an alternative to permanent lenses or for patient to test before ordering permanent lenses.  Economically affordable.  Fitting instructions are available.

The Peli Lens has been proven time and again to be the best solution for  helping homonymous hemianopia patients expand their peripheral vision (don’t take our word for it – check out the Peli Lens publications page if you want some super in-depth, scientific reading material).

But, we discovered that demonstrating the Peli Lens in-office can be cumbersome.

Why? Because the Peli Lens comes in two lens types and patients are afflicted in either their left or right eye. Up until now, that has required  keeping multiple pairs of glasses or fitovers on hand to use in the demonstrating process.

The other option has been to attach training prisms to the patient’s glasses to try them out. The drawback of this approach is that patients do not get the benefit of switching between their normal corrected vision and the training lenses multiple times. Once training prisms are attached to the patient’s glasses, that’s it. And, training prisms are about 50% weaker than the full-power Peli Lens.


Peli Lens Fitting Kit

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