The new Eclipse Ring Light from Native Lighting, has a 45cm (18″) diameter head, which is supported by an adjustable tripod and has a LED bulbs that are dimmable, making this an ideal lamp for mobile beauticians, hairdressers, barbers, photographers or for filming on a mobile phone due to it providing a shadowless ring of light.

It has three adjustable/removable camera/phone holders, which open up to 8cm (3″) wide and are situated in the middle of the lamp. The lamp’s height can be adjusted between 128cm – 220cm, meaning that no matter your height, whether you are seated or standing, the mobile device will always be at a height to suit you.

Below the holders are four touch sensitive buttons that enable this lamp to be turned on/off, adjust the brightness and three colour temperatures.

This lamp is powered by a plug, is lightweight and can be folded down, making it easily transportable.

A fantastic feature of the Eclipse is that it has Bluetooth
connection (via an app) with your phone’s camera for
ease of use for up to ten metres.

Eclipse Ring Light

SKU: N5225
    • Ring light sits on a tripod, which is height adjustable.
    • The LED bulbs are dimmable and feature three different colour temperatures.
    • Has three holders for cameras or mobile devices, making this an ideal lamp for filming, watching videos or for photography.
    • Features touch sensitive buttons for easy adjustment of light.
    • Bluetooth connects with your phone for ease of use.
    • Light source – LED
    • Light diameter – 45cm / 18″
    • Maximum height – 220cm / 86.5″
    • Minimum height – 128cm / 50″
    • Depth of stand – 55cm / 21.5″
    • Cable length – 188cm / 74″
    • Camera/phone holder width – 8cm / 3″
    • Light colour temperature: 2700°K, 4700°K and 6000°K