Pack of 2 additional suction lenses with 4 dioptres (2.0X) and 6 dioptres (2.5X).

Suction lenses, simply press anywhere onto the main lens for increased magnification. Compatible with all Daylight magnifiers.


Lens Ø: 5 cm (2″)
Lens material: Optical quality glass
Magnification: 4 dioptres (2.0X) and 6 dioptres (2.5X)
Colour: clear
Weight: 0.16 kg (0.35 lb)

Daylight Extra Magnifying Lenses

SKU: D62003
    • Pack of 2 suction lenses
    • 4 dioptres (2.0X) and 6 dioptres (2.5X)
    • Compatible with all Daylight magnifiers

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