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About Eschenbach

Since its establishment in 1913, Eschenbach Optik has been combining traditional corporate values with modern innovative flair. Within a century, this Nuremberg company has developed into one of the leading suppliers of optical products and a reliable partner for your vision needs - in Germany and throughout the world. With subsidiaries in twelve countries, more than 30 international trade partners and over 480 employees throughout the world, today Eschenbach Optik has a global presence.


With the highest demands for the best optical performance, reliability and intuitive operation, Eschenbach Optik always offers you innovative solutions for maximum vision comfort in your everyday life, in your working life and during your leisure time.


In addition to their outstanding optical performance, all products from Eschenbach Optik are impressive in terms of their intelligent combination of visually appealing exterior and creative functionality - as demonstrated by the fact that numerous Eschenbach products have won renowned international design awards.


Using modern production technology, high quality materials and the expertise of their highly qualified staff, Eschenbach Optik maintains the highest standards of quality in the manufacture of their products. We remain extremely loyal to our Nuremberg site and the majority of our products therefore carry the internationally renowned quality seal "Made in Germany".

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